About the Project

This project’s main objective is to develop a learning model for training vocational instructors in the retail sector (training of retail trainers). The quality of retail employees skills in implementing training will be improved, it will be harmonized and made more efficient. By this project the partners’ intention is to tackle one of the main challenges in vocational education for the retail employees according to educational requirement analyses.

The result of this project will be a model for training of retail instructors. The model, developed by transferring best practices from different partners, will be adjusted to needs and situations in participating countries. The intention is rather to adjust and improve the present Vocational Education and Training systems in each participating country.  The consortium consists in partners from Iceland, Ireland and Austria.

The objective of this project is to identify effective learning methods for training instructors in retail industries and implement these methods in real shop outlets. The final goal is to improve the qualifications of retail employees by providing them with an effective and systematic training and encourage them in continuing education.

Vocational education and training for retail employees is underprivileged in Europe in comparison to other trades despite the high number of employees in this sector. A considerable part of retail employees are young people who have not completed their third level education. By providing this young people with validated education and training in their professional skills our aim is to encourage them to further education and qualifications. Considering similar educational attempts one can assume that we will manage to reach this goal.