RETRAIN Final conference in Reykjavík

The final conference of the RETRAIN project was held with stakeholders from different sectors like retail, VET educators and trade unions on the 21st of September 2015 at the House of employers in Reykjavík. The conference marks the end of the two year project were the final product a curriculum for on the job trainers in the retail industry was presented. All partners presented the implementation of the curriculum in their countries which will be used as the bases for courses that will be taught at Bifröst University, BEST in Austria and Tesco in Ireland. Bridie Matthews, Programme Manager for the Taste for Success Skillnets Network – a collaborative training network that provides certified training for SMEs was a guest speaker and talked about where Ireland is going in relation to the introduction of a new apprenticeship system as well as what employers need to be aware of when it comes to developing and delivering training which they hope will form part of a certified qualification. The curriculum as well as dissemination material can be found on the project homepage under outputs.